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[2019 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award Machine Tool Professional Group Review Meeting Held in Beijing]
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The 2019 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award (Machine Tool Professional Group) review meeting was held in Beijing on July 25, 2019. The judging panel will be organized by the China Machine Tool Industry Association. Li Dongru, deputy secretary-general of the China Machinery Industry Federation and director of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards Office (referred to as the “Incentive Office”), Mei Wei, director of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, was invited to attend.

Li Dongru informed the change of the professional review team of the Science and Technology Progress Award and introduced three changes that were different from the previous review: some projects realized online evaluation, and strictly controlled the award project not exceeding 45% of the total number of declared projects, technological progress and technological inventions. Awards are reviewed separately. Mei Lan read out the list of experts in the 7th professional review team of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards, and briefly introduced the precautions for the number of awards and the review principles. The 7th China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards Machine Tool Group Review Team consists of 33 experts. Wang Liming, Secretary General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, is the team leader and Shang Hongyu, Chairman of Chengdu Tool Research Institute, is the deputy leader. The review meeting will be hosted by the leader of Wang Liming.

Before the official start of the review work, Wang Liming introduced the principles of the awards and the precautions of the review work. The review experts were evaluated in strict accordance with the review rules and relevant principles, paying attention to the true level of the project, fully expressing their opinions, and completing the various tasks with seriousness. Review work.

In 2019, there were 28 projects to be reviewed in the machine tool group, of which 3 projects declared technical invention awards and 25 projects declared technological progress awards. The project covers gold cutting machines, forming machine tools, woodworking machines, cutting tools, abrasives, CNC systems and functional components. The project sources cover enterprises and universities. According to the professional situation of the project to be assessed and the principle of avoidance, 16 experts were selected from the expert group to carry out the review of the project. In accordance with relevant regulations, this review will recommend the first prize (the special prize), the second prize for evaluation, and the third prize for evaluation. The results of the review will be reported to the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards Review Committee for review and review. The results will be publicized on the website of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Society of Mechanical Engineering and the news media, and will be approved by the “Incentive Office” and will be issued and issued certificates.

It is reported that the "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award" is the only comprehensive award approved by the state and facing the national machinery industry in the domestic machinery industry, and is also the main channel for applying for the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Since its inception in 2001, the award has played an active role in promoting the innovation and advancement of China's machinery industry, commending and encouraging advanced, promoting the development of science and technology in the machinery industry, and improving the comprehensive strength and level of China's machinery industry, and has an increasingly wide-ranging influence in the industry. . In January 2019, China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association issued a notice of declaration and recommendation work for the whole industry, encouraging industry enterprises to actively participate in the selection.